Friday, October 30, 2009

This day came way too FAST!!!!

These pictures turned out so good of Rudi and they were not taken by a professional. I'm so glad that I have a BIG family. We all have talents and one GREAT talent is that my sister in law takes pictures. We tease Michelle about being the paparazzi but it comes in handy when you need something as big a senior pictures taken and don't want to pay $700. She took about 270 pictures. We had fun doing it. We went to Napoleon where I got some of my senior pictures taken and used the old buildings in town. Then went out of town and found an old bridge and a water fall that one of my friends told me about. She changed her clothes in the car and outside. Jorge went with us and ran for us. We ate at Mexican after and that was good food. It was fun to put them on picasa and play with them turning some of them to black and white and some to sepia. We even got a work out too. I was so happy to have gotten this done so early in the year. Now I still have to do some fall pictures. I sure wish Michelle lived close. I might be able to do an OK job. We'll see...

Monday, August 17, 2009

Computers are great and they suck too!

Sorry for all those who have visited my blog and have been disappointed in what they have found. We had two computers crash and we just now got one working but the only problem all my pictures are now not on this computer. Scott has been working very hard just in the last few days to fix the problem. (I think all my complaining has paid off) But all my pictures are now on a nice little external hard drive and I have no idea how to get to them. So be very patience with me and I will be posting alot of pictures very soon.

*Jorge coming
*The river
* Rudi's senior pictures
* 1st day of school

and lots more. I finally gave my mom's camera back to her and I really miss it.

More later!!!!!!!!!!